Buying local just got easier.

We are no longer taking orders for delivery, but there are lots of good farms and processors that bring local food to your doorstep.  Check out the list at the bottom of the page for specific websites that might meet your needs.


Thank you for all of your support- I've loved every moment of deliveries with you all!


What's Garden Gate All About?

Garden Gate is a sustainable farm to family delivery service based in Ithaca, NY. Our grocery items come from farmers and processors from across New York State, most of which are within 25 miles of Ithaca. We believe strongly that local foods should be consumed by locals and are willing to get in the van and deliver it ourselves to make it happen. Find out more about us!


Winter 2012 CSA Shares On Sale!

We work with some amazing farms and processors that offer a portion of their vegetable, fruit and meat harvest to customers in the form of a "share." Selling farm shares allows farms to cover operation costs with upfront customer payment and in return, share members get weekly or monthly portions of the harvest.  Below is a list of most of the farms and processors we deliver for.

Full Plate Farm Collective: weekly vegetable share

Fingerlakes Fruit Bowl: fruit share (lack of fruit in summer 2012 means these guys won't be back until summer 2013)

Crooked Carrot: community supported kitchen that makes sauces, dressings, dips, broths, lacto-fermented veggies from local produce

High Point Farms: monthly meat/egg/cheese share

Wide Awake Bakery: weekly bread share with rolling start dates

Stone Soup Supper Club: community supported kitchen that makes weekly, on-demand home-made soups from local produce

BWW Farm: monthly goat share, e-mail John Wertis

Good Life Farm: spring weekly veg share (coming again in 2013)


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